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Who I am

I'm a software enginner with a passion for the financial industry. I focus on OpenSource software and how can make application development easier, better, and accessible to more people. I like to work in tight-knit team spread across the globe, and I'm proud of my flexible and remote-first work culture.

Java is the preferred choice for building business layers thanks to its security, interoperability and cleaness of code properties. I've worked in different projects in the Java space: J2EE, J2SE, J2ME for different industries: finance, sustainable transports, betting. I work hard to make my code reusable and well designed to minimize effort in maintaining it and deliver applications free from bugs at first installation.

JavaScript is the preferred choice for building presentation layers thanks to its fast rendering, interoperability and cleaness of code properties. I've worked in different projects in the JavaScript space: Meteor, Vue.js, NodeJS for different industries: retail, cryptocurrencies, finance. I work hard to choose always for the most efficient JavaScript choice that can be reusable in different conditions from different developers of different backgrounds

I build open source software when possible and commercial services used by others developers in production. I'm very proud not only of the products we make, but of the community and partnerships we've cultivated with other developers and companies. Here are some of the companies I've worked with:

Whether it's building a new open source tool, improving a production-critical system, or organizing a cutting-edge community event, I spend our time wisely to have an oversized impact with a small team. See where you might be interested in:

Product Management
Define and ship new product features while working closely with the engineering team. Working on steering the direction of clients commercial products and open source efforts.
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Cloud Systems Engineering
Help shape the evolution of the modern cloud architecture. Contribute to exciting new technologies and solve hard problems in distributed systems, scalability, cross-region coordination, and cloud orchestration.
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Help product developers build great apps quickly. The produt developer experience is essential, and we strive to build fun and intuitive products that feel right and work well.
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Presentation Layer Engineering
Design and build interactive components and data-rich experiences for other developers. Our products are built for developers by developers, and we care deeply about creating high-quality products with well-designed user experiences.
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Business Layer Engineering
Build the foundations and APIs of our tools for developers. Work closely with the rest of the product development team to help shape and deliver the components that make up commercial cloud sevices.
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Open Source Engineering
Build open source libraries and tools, share ideas with the community, and collaborate with other companies and projects to move the project forward.
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