About Me

My name is Giovanni Silvestri and I’m a software developer. My passion for computer science begun in 1989 when I received an Amiga 500 for my 9th birthday. I won’t annoy you in telling all the history of computer science and the war that proclaimed winner Microsoft in the control of the Personal Computer. If you are interested in this battle I will suggest to take a look at the 1999 movie “ Pirates of Silicon Valley” from Martyn Burke.

I develop solutions in the Java language and especially enterprise applications for the web (J2EE). In presentation layer technologies I'm proficient in Javascript and in fast development MVC frameworks like Meteor, Vue.js and Angular.

My other bigger interest is finance and markets and since four years I develop Bitcoin applications: emerging technology in the field of digital payments. If you like to know more about Bitcoin and its related technologies I suggest you to take a look at the movie: “ The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin“. For every question, project or consultancy you would like to submit to me, or just to have an updated copy of my CV do not hesitate to contact me with the form contact or with one of the following methods:



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